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At Block Vision we're looking at you. Your vision. And your well being.

As a Block Vision member, you'll enjoy vision benefits and products designed to help you and your family to see your best. Here at Block Vision, that's what we're all about. We're here to serve all of your wellness vision needs with the kind of dedicated, quality-minded service and attention you and your family deserve.


A regular wellness eye exam does more than just keep your eyes and those of your family members seeing the world as clearly as you can. Your eye care professional will take time to look for any vision problems and check for signs of other health problems as well. Click here to learn more about the types of health conditions that can be diagnosed through a routine eye exam.

Take advantage of our exceptional selection of participating providers. Choose from a nationwide panel of thousands of participating locations that include both private practitioners and retail optical centers. And be sure to call Block Vision's Member Services Department at 866-265-0517 to confirm that the provider you select services your specific plan.


  • By receiving services from one of our many participating providers, you'll enjoy all the benefits your plan provides.
  • Finding the right vision care provider for you and your family is easy. Just click on Provider Search.
  • The Block Vision Member Services Department can assist you in understanding the terms contained in the provider search pages. Call 866-265-0517 to reach a customer service representative who will be happy to assist you.
  • When scheduling an appointment, use your Block Vision Identification Card to identify yourself as a Block Vision plan member and remember to bring your ID card with you to your appointment.
  • Each member of your family has the ability to receive their vision care from a different participating provider.
  • With Block Vision, you have the freedom to receive eye examinations and eyewear from different participating providers.
  • If your eye care professional is out of network, you may still be eligible for benefits according to your specific plan; if eligible, services are reimbursed in accordance with your plan schedule.
  • Special laser vision program pricing is available from our extensive network of affiliated providers. And, under certain plans and program conditions, you can even apply your eyewear benefits to laser vision correction.
  • Block Vision offers you the freedom to select from any frame in your eye care provider's regular frame inventory and many are fully covered by your plan allowance. You're not restricted to specific frame collections that limit your choices. And if you prefer a frame that costs more than your plan's frame allowance, you can apply the value of your benefit to your chosen frame. You only have to pay the difference between the retail cost of the frame you've selected and your benefit allowance. You even receive a discount on that difference. (Certain limitations may apply.)


At Block Vision, our highest priority is providing exceptional customer service to our members. And that's what sets us apart. A website where you can access all kinds of benefit and provider information 24/7. Multilingual customer service representatives who are both knowledgeable and courteous. And assistance for the hearing impaired. Your complete satisfaction...That's Block Vision.

We're looking out for you... and your family.

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